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Please check and download them at 

Guide to Presenters and Session Chair

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1. Please be in the session 5 minutes before the schedule.
2. Session chair should divide the available time equally among all papers to be presented and announce the same to the paper authors and audience. Each paper should be presented within allotted sparing three minutes for discussion.
3. The papers having more than one author will not get any extra time for making their presentations.
4. Session chair should remind the speakers about the time limit three minute before the time he or she is expected to finish the presentation. If a speaker goes beyond the allotted time, session chair should remind her or him to close the presentation.

During the conference, an LCD projector, screen and laptop (notebook) computer will be provided for each meeting room. Any additional equipment needed is at the discretion of the presenter, and it will be his or her responsibility to provide the extra equipment.

Program Schedule

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The program schedule of NETs2014 is announced. Please check HERE to confirm your information. If you need to update any information, please contact us ( before July 25, 2014.

Only registered (paid) papers are included in the program schedule. Please pay registration fee as soon as possible if your paper is not included in the conference program. Unpaid papers will be regarded as withdraw.

CD Proceeding

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The CD proceeding of NETs2014 is announced. Please check HERE to read articles in CD proceeding. If you need to update any information, please contact us ( before July 20, 2014.

Tracks for NETs2014

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Track1: Cloud Computing
    SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
    Social Computing (Web 2.0/3.0)
    Mobile/Wireless Computing
    Mobile and Location-based Services
    Recommendation and Reputation Systems

 Track2: Network Application and Security
    Ubiquitous Computing: E-Health and Digital Home applications
    Vehicular Networks and Telmatics Applications
    Intrusion Detection and Malware
    Botnet and Spam Detection
    Social Network Privacy

 Track 3: Software Engineering and Internet
    Software Engineering for/in Cloud
    Web Service and Application
    Software Analysis, Design and Testing
    Mobile Application Development
    Software Performance

 Track 4: Multimedia
    Multimedia Communications
    Multimedia Compression
    Multimedia Security
    Multimedia Databases
    Multimedia Applications

Track 5: Internet Technology and Applications
    Digital Payment Systems
    Privacy-enhancing Technologies
    Databases and Data mining
    Electronic Commerce Systems and Application

Track 6: E-Commerce and M-Commerce
    Internet Advertising and Online Retailing
    Internet Consumer Behavior
    Online Word-of-mouth
    Online Survey
    Databases and data mining

Track 7: Cyber Behavior
    Social networking behavior on Google+, Facebook, MySpace, and others
    Addiction, Cyberbullying and Internet Abuse
    Video Games, Computer games, and Online games
    Internet Porn, Cybersex and Cybering
    Online Dating Behavior

Track 8: Cyber Education
    E-Learning and Distance Learning
    Computers & Education
    Education in Internet age
    Organization learning
    Virtual learning environments

Track 9: Internet Research: Past, Present, and Future
    Review and Meta-Analysis of Internet research
    Bibliometric Analysis
    Research Methods in Internet Research
    Study of Factors Influencing Internet Satisfaction, Effectiveness, and Success
    Future Directions of Internet Research

Track 10: Others
    All other studies about Internet, include Internet Technology, Systems, Business, Management, Marketing issues.

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